National Cupcake Week!

Well it’s been longer than I would have like, but with my girls back to school and into all their after school activities the days have just flown by!

So this morning I was in the local bakers to get some bread when I noticed a sign for Natioanal Cupckae Week! And as luck would have it I was asked to make some cupcakes for a friends birthday BBQ tomorrow anyway… birthdays and cupcakes….an excuse to play in the kitchen!

As it was a male birthday I didn’t want to get too girly on the cupcakes but wanted a more refined, sophisticated look. I think these achieved that and the taste was amazing!



For the Zebra like cakes, I used a standard vanilla cupcake recipe but I also added the seeds from one vanilla pod to give it an extra vanilla kick and also give me those lovely specks of black from the pod throughout the cake.

The chocolate orange cakes are a recipe made from a local bakery called Bibi’s this recipe is a ever fail and the cakes are super moist. The addition of fresh orange juice to the buttercream also cuts the sweetness and makes it so much more palatable.

They were a huge hit at the party and made the centrepiece which is always pleasing!



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